February 19, 2018

Send SMS Text Messages from your Website to Customers, Employees or Residents Cell Phone or Mobile Device

SMS Text Messaging from your WebsiteSend important text messages to your customers, employees, or residents with our SMS Text Website Feature. With our SMS Text enabled websites, anyone who registers on your website can add their mobile phone to their account and receive short text messages directly to their phone when you send them out.

In addition, you can have special “groups” designated. So, you could have a “board members” group and a “marketing committee” group. This enables you to send out a text message only to a specific group of people.

Text messaging is an extremely popular and effective way of communicating. You can get your message out quickly no matter where the recipient is. The benefit is that they will get the message no matter where they are and they do not have to be at a computer or happen to be checking their email to get your message. It will instantly pop up on their cell phone or mobile device.

Here are a couple of examples on the benefits of this feature.

Commercial Site Example
You may need to send out a message at noon about an urgent last-minute meeting that your employees need to attend at 2 PM. However, you know many of them are out to lunch and may not read their email in time. You could send out a quick text message that will get broadcast from your website to all of your employees. They will get the message on their mobile phone no matter where they are – whether they are in the office or at Uncle Vinnie’s Pizzeria.

Community Site Example
Maybe one of the homes in your community just reported a break in. You need to send out an urgent message to your residents that a burglar has been seen in the neighborhood so they can quickly be aware and take whatever precautions are necessary. You send out a quick text message broadcast and your residents will get your message on their mobile phone wherever they are at the time whether they are at home, at work, or walking their dog.

The benefits of our SMS text messaging feature are limitless.  This is just another way we at TheCyberhood are striving to better serve you and your website service needs.  Contact us for more information.

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