What a Full Service Community Website Company Can Do for You

Think about this for a minute; you know a website would make your community communicate and function so much better, but maybe you don't think you have the skills to manage all of the updates necessary. Unfortunately, most hosting companies don't offer "full service" amenities. Instead, they simply rent you the space on their server but that's all; you are expected to put together and upload your own pages, continuously.

That may be fine for people who really want to get into web design and maintenance, but what if you just want to run your community and want to leave the site maintenance and updating to someone else? If you can find a service that offers this, it's usually really expensive and prohibitively so. Or, maybe you hire the whiz kid down the block to do it for you -- but he or she is notoriously unreliable, so that your site only get sporadically updated.

Now, there's a solution. (It's not going to cost you an arm and a leg, either.) TheCyberhood is a community website company that offers true full service web design and maintenance, and you don't have to lift a finger. Simply email or call with the information you want put into your website, and the company does the rest.

Here are some of the services offered:

Full-service community website design and hosting services

Your community website is updated for you whenever you need it by TheCyberhood - your community website company, so that you can concentrate on other things. You don't even need to know coding like HTML, and you don't need to know anything about website maintenance at all. (You don't even have to use a WYSYWYG -- "what you see is what you get" -- editor or other web based tool to try to put together some kind of site.) Most hosting services require you to do this and only provide you a place to park your website and make you update your website with their tools, but a full service company does everything. The website design team is professional and prompt, and will update your site as needed.

Stable support

As your community website company, TheCyberhood will continue to support your website. Even if your site is continually changing its content, such as if you work with the homeowners association, condo, or other association, we'll keep it updated and fresh, so that visitors are getting accurate and up-to-date information. We also give suggestions if you're open to them as to how you can use your website to save time and money, for both you and residents.


Our website team will work with you to customize your website based upon your suggestions and requirements. Custom designed websites are the company's specialty, for over 10 years. The features as well are top-notch and can't be beat.


Some of the possible features for your community website include:

Polls and surveys
A voting booth
Contact information
Online documents
Calendar of events
News and announcements
Web links
Email newsletter
And much more

Save both money and time

Using the services provided will save you both time and money, so that you can spend your time doing other things. Community websites from TheCyberhood provide lots of benefits to the community or associations.

For more information on starting a new full-service community website, please contact us.