Text Alert System for Cell Phones

Distributing a community message out quickly can be done with our mass texting feature. People do not regularly browse community sites unless they are looking for something like a form or information. However if they know when something new has been posted they will go and take a look if they are notified. Email is fast but texting is faster.

Our Community web sites have a very valuable notification feature.... which is the ability to send an text message to every registered user on the site. The feature name is the Online texting which we use to do mass sms blasts to users who have registered their cell phones in their user accounts.

The Text Alert feature can be used to alert the entire neighborhood for Neighborhood Watch issues to deter crime or even warn when one is occurring, alerts can also be used for meeting notices, or special announcements or anything you wish. Not everyone is at their computer all the time, but most people will have their phone with them and now you can reach them with community alerts.

For questions about the Text Blasts / SMS feature ...CLICK HERE