Community Forums

All of our community web site packages contain a community forum feature. The Gold and Platinum packages contain the standard community forum feature. The Diamond Package contains an advanced version with many enhancements (like new postings notifications, automatic pruning, etc) called the Forum Pro Feature.

The community forums is a standard bulletin board system used for communication between members on any subject you want to set up...But it is up to you on how you want to set it up. Many communities have set up issues like the following ...

General issues

  • Contractor / home repair recommendations or problems
  • Suggestions
  • Complaints

Current Issues

  • Clubhouse
  • Crime Watch / Neighborhood
  • Board discussions


  • By Year
  • By old topic

But you can add or group topics in any way you wish... If someone is monitoring the boards and replying to postings with useful answers, the boards can be a very valuable resource and save time and money by not having to repeat commonly asked questions... but it can also get out of hand if not monitored and controlled....We suggest you assign forums moderators who can modify or delete others postings, to keep the discussions civil.

For questions about the Forums feature ...CLICK HERE