Community Polls | Surveys | Voting Booth

All of our community web site packages have a survey / poll feature which allows every registered user to vote once on every poll. A Poll is defined as a single question and contains 2 to 12 selection choices, with the voter only allowed to choose one selection per poll. You can add as many polls as you wish, with only the latest poll having the ability to be displayed in a block on the front page. Registered users can see the current results of any poll and can also vote on any older poll if  they have not previously voted on the poll

We also have a Voting Booth feature only found in the Diamond Package. This feature has many enhancements including multiple questions in each ballot, descriptive text on ballots and questions, write in vote choices, selecting multiple choices on questions (example: Choose 5 board candidates from the choice of 9 candidates). You can add pictures to choices (like candidates pictures). Start and stop dates and time can be pre-defined… Also voter management includes predefining who can and cannot vote in any ballot. So for example, if you only allow one vote per household and different households have multiple registered users (husband, wife, children can have their own user accounts if you allow them), you can define ahead of time which account has voting privileges and which accounts do not …

For questions about the Polls, Surveys or The Voting Booth feature ...CLICK HERE