Community Events Calendar

The community events calendar, which comes with every community web site, is used for displaying upcoming community events like Board meetings, Committee meetings, Community activities, reserving common areas like the clubhouse or picnic area. Any registered user can submit an event,the admin is then notified via email that there is an event waiting in the waiting content queue, where the admin can approve, modify, or delete the submission.

There is also a coming events display right below the calendar block on the front page. It can be set to display upcoming events within a given timeframe... The default is 30 days but can be changed up or down, depending on the wishes of the community.

This calendar has pretty basic functions. If you wish to have more features normally found in public free calendars we can embed a Goggle Calendar into your web site so that you can have the advantages that the free online calendars offer and still display on your community web site.

If you have any questions about this feature, would like to see an example or any questions on any other Feature please be sure to ask us by clicking on the following link...

For questions about the Community Events Calendar ...CLICK HERE