Online Payments | HOA Dues | Condo Fees |

The convenience of paying dues or fees online is becoming attractive to more online residents everyday. We do provide ways to allow your residents to pay HOA and Condo fees and dues online.

There are multiples ways to provide this service depending on the bank or property management company which your community uses for its funds collection. Some banks/Management companies offer online payment accounts that get deposited directly into the communities account. If this is the case we can add a payment link to your web site so that your residents can easily access that service.

If your bank or property manager does not offer this service there is another inexpensive way for you to provide online payments to your community. We can walk you through the steps to set-up a PayPal account that is linked to any checking account at any bank. Once this PayPal account is established... We can use add a link to your web site to provide this service where users can pay online. They can pay either with their own PayPal account or with a credit card. They do NOT have to be a paypal user to use this online service... PayPal will accept credit cards even if the users does not have a PayPal account...

All payments will get a notification email sent to whomever controls the PayPal account.

If you have any questions about this feature or any Other Feature please be sure to ask us by clicking on the following link...

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