About Our Website Design Company

In the fall of 1999, while working for Siemens telecommunications, I received a call from a former Vice President who I worked for. He told me that his son and the Rio Vista HOA president (at that time) were working on a project concerning a local community web site. They had been trying to work with a couple of Russian programmers (actually working remotely in Russia), but having difficulties with time zone differences, language communications problems, and general items that were slowing down their efforts. I told him that we could help him with HOA website design.

I immediately contacted a friend of mine, Hill Robertson, who was already a web expert and was already thinking about local community websites, with his own servers running from his home. Together we agreed to investigate the possibility of developing a business building hosted community websites. After looking at the code and helping on an urgent issue, it was decided that we could do the task much better with something called a content management system. This was pretty new technology at that time. Even the internet was pretty young and not as popular as it is today.

To make a long story short, The Rio Vista community web site was the first site that started our company. We eventually incorporated a company called Magratech Inc (Magratech.com) and expanded every year since we began. Our community web sites were very popular and priced competitively. HOA Communities across the United Sates and even in Europe began to recognize our sites as the "best community websites" for the price and many became our customers.

Magratech soon expanded beyond community websites into commercial web sites serving both large and small businesses. We were early to enter the area of Search Engine Optimized commercial web sites, also with very competitively priced sites.